Studiefrämjandet: A trilogy about Gbg 25/11-23

Yes, what is the scent of Gothenburg? This is my interpretation of a place, city and cultural heritage. Scents can actually be cultural heritage, and some of them may no longer exist. But we remember! This story form is not just mine. When visitors feel the scents, the memories and stories come to light. This is the unique thing about this exhibition, which is also an inclusive form, when all voices and stories can be heard - for those who want to share.
To reinforce the expression of the feeling of Gothenburg, Leif Jordansson, Helena Persson and Mikael Selin participate with their artworks.
This multi-sensory exhibition will be a nice end to the year, but at the same time it will start the opening of an own perfumery - mainly with production for co-creative, artistic purposes!
Hope to see you on 25/11 at Falkgatan 7 at 1 pm in Gothenburg? Register at:

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