Paths & the Sea

Paths and the Sea: An exhibition about a walk to the sea where, among other things, fragrance creations may be included, without having a commercial significance. The exhibition is a co-creative project where image, sound, music, tactile materials and scent become important in connection with each other. The different expressions form a place in Bohuslän. Places have a great meaning and a place is also cultural.

The exhibition will possibly come back in another version later, like a story that gets a sequel.

Art in Experience is a newly established network that works indifferent processes with artists and creators in different projects, and where the scent can be included as an art form.

The exhibition on 8-9 May is adapted to the restrictions that prevail in connection with Covid-19. A maximum of 8 people at a time can stay on the premises. If you have questions in connection with your visit on any of the days, please contact Tel: 0737-38 01 99. Place: Göteborgsvägen 89, Mölndal. 11-17 both days. Welcome!

art in experience

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