Art In Experience 

Art in Experience opens up opportunities for co-creative processes where fragrance is a part of an environment and connection. It is about an art form where scents and fragrance are not commercial, but instead a part of artistic contexts. Scents is a very important part of our experiences, and can be meaningful in several ways.

Art in Experience is constantly evolving and working in different processes with a number of artists and creators in various projects.


Art In Experience

Kerstin Strömberg is the initiator of Art in Experience, who believes that fragrance in art does not occur very often in our northern latitudes.

What we know today about fragrance and perfume is most often linked to well-known brands. Few know the actual history about fragrance and essences, and it is something that has followed man in all times.

With Art in Experience, Kerstin wants to add an art form that is missing, and at the same time show that the art of fragrance can also be non commercial, and be part of something much bigger.

Kerstin has made several abstract perfume creations, one of which is included international premium.


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